What Is Brain Shakti?

BRAINSHAKTI is a Dermatoglyphics and Multiple Intelligence Test(DMIT).

BRAINSHAKTI implies “The Power of the Brain” and BRAINSHAKTI – Discover to Empower is our Endeavour to help individuals discover their unique, innate potential in order to transform their lives!

Our Philosophy

Every human being is unique and is born with some innate potential. This inborn or innate potential comprises 94% of the actual potential of any individual, the rest 6% is acquired over a lifetime. Most of the times, the individual is ignorant of his/her talents and spends an entire lifetime struggling with mundane tasks that are imposed by our educational system. We are herded into a system that does not recognize our uniqueness and forces us to mould ourselves according to the system. Our talents are gradually revealed after a lot of trial, error and expenditure of time and energy.

Our Vision

Cognition Initiatives Private Limited believes that every individual needs to be aware of his/her true potential. This awareness will help the individual in live his/her life to the fullest. Why waste an entire lifetime doing things we are not born to do just because the rest of the world is doing it?

Our vision is to help individuals discover their true and innate potential in order to empower their lives towards success. With BRAINSHAKTI, we envisage this change in the lives of the people when they discover their innate potential and are empowered with confidence


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